Hey Crimos, we know you couldn’t get enough of us this week.

We took the Buzzfeed Quiz: Fill Up Your Pantry and We’ll Tell You Which Famous Serial Killer You Are. The results were pretty awesome.

Take the quiz and tell us who YOU get!


Hey Crimos, this week we are discussing Season 1 Episode 3- Won’t Get Fooled Again.

We briefly touch on the Unabomber but focus on discussing the Austin bombings. If you have money to spare, please consider donating to Draylen Mason’s Memorial Fund and/or the Anthony Stephen House Fund:



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Hey Crimos, we’re back for our second episode!

This week we recap Season 1 Episode 2- Compulsion and discuss famous arsonists.

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Hello Crimos (Crime Winos), it’s our first episode! WOO!

This week we recap Criminal Minds: Season 1 Episode 1- Extreme Aggressor and talk about the real life serial killer (The Lipstick Killer) who inspired it.

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